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Toombs new brand highlights a commitment to our clients

I like to run. It’s a great outlet to relieve some stress, clear my head, and feel alive in the moment. There is nothing like running along the local pathways, or in the mountain trees, with cool, crisp air in your lungs, to help you feel refreshed. It’s my go to. And this past year, well, I have been running a lot. The change we have all gone through in our daily lives, with our daily interactions, has been jarring at the least, and running has helped.

But this change is not only about me. The Alberta economy, our workplaces, and the job market have changed. From COVID to oil price pressures, the Alberta work landscape has been hit hard. For Toombs to serve our clients to the level that they now need, we knew we had to make changes to meet these new challenges. We needed to stay clear headed and focused. We needed to bring our very best thinking and tools to help our clients see the way forward, to help them tackle and rise above.

Toombs as an organization had to change more in the last year or two than we may have in the previous years combined. Given this level of change, we wondered if our communication and identity reflected the firm we are today. The answer was no, and yes. There were a lot of things we were already doing, online classes, online one-on-ones, lots of technology-assisted applications, along with our usual face-to-face consulting, but very few knew about it.

So, we embarked on a strategic process to properly reflect the Toombs of a new decade. Some things about our firm are changing significantly, and others – like our commitment to building relationships through human to human, face-to-face interaction – will always be prominent.

We knew that our dedication to personal interaction had to remain. But, alongside that high-touch coaching, we also wanted to showcase our high-tech tools. Given this, our online learning center, Job Vertex, was revamped, and the Toombs Online Academy was born.

Over the past year, our team has risen to meet the many challenges presented, delivering excellent consulting for our clients, and superior administrative support for our customers, all done virtually for most of the past year. Of course, the team is looking forward to the day when we can get back to in-person, face-to-face delivery. But the option of delivering live and on-line will stay as an excellent option for those who want it going forward.

We still believe that people need people, and we will continue to deliver with that model as our foundation. We are locally owned, make decisions here in Alberta and will do what we need, when we need it, in the best interests of our customers and clients.

Best wishes for the next year, and into the future. And now, time for a run!

Mark Toombs

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