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Packaging Plant Closure


Toombs Inc. was engaged in helping a food packaging operation to close one of their branches, releasing 28 employees.

The project was to be staggered over four weeks, with the plant continuing to run until the final day. This meant that half of the staff would be let go within two weeks, and the second half at the end of the four weeks, requiring production to remain steady until the end.

As a part of the project, Toombs Inc. engaged with three distinct employee groups – Plant Department Managers, Administrative Support, and Plant Processing Floor Staff.

Many of the employees had a long-standing relationship with the Company adding an extra layer of difficulty to the notification process. Also, there were communication barriers with a number of staff having English as their second language.

Throughout the project, Toombs Inc. provided strategic consultation and training to the Company’s senior management team. The Toombs Inc. team provided direct support and communication strategies to manage the notification meetings.

Toombs Inc. arranged for career transition coaches and interpreters to be onsite and in-person for all employee notifications. This approach created a high-level of engagement with the workforce and enabled the plant to continue at maximum productivity until the final closure date.

Job search workshops were provided on the Company premises over the first and third week following the notification meetings. The workshops focused on resumes and interviewing and were offered to all staff, helping them move forward to the next step in their careers. Of those with individual career programs, all employees engaged with Toombs Inc. and completed their 3-month transition programs.

“Having been downsized four times in my career and assigned to other outplacement agencies, I can attest that there’s no substitute to having full unlimited access to a career coach that you can meet in person and a flexible program that can be customized.”

“It was very helpful to have Toombs support us during our staff reduction. Toombs’ commitment to service is the majority of the reason we made it through the challenging day.”

“I immensely appreciated the help of our Toombs consultant and her team. Things went off without a “glitch,” and our employees felt respected and cared for.”

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