Success Story

Onsite Assistance and Career Transition Service (3 Month Horizon Program)


Onsite Assistance

Toombs Inc. was called in to provide onsite assistance for a notification to be completed within the week.

Toombs Inc. responded within 24-hours and scheduled to be on-site in-person to support all parties in the notification.

Our consultant supported the HR team and Company VP in handling the notification, severance package presentation and initiation of the career transition process.

Initially, the client was not open to a career transition meeting. However, our consultant was able to establish a rapport based on support and respect, by providing an understanding of the career transition program and immediately arranging a face-to-face follow up.

The onsite assistance ended with the consultant providing communication tips and respectfully accompanying the client out of the building.

Horizon Career Transition Program

The client was offered a career transition program designed to assist moving past the early stages of job loss and to identify strategic personal advantages.

The initial meetings focused heavily on communication and reputation management with respect to the client’s notification. The client was very concerned about

  • how their notification would be viewed
  • what the company’s internal message would be
  • how to consolidate job loss in a professional and business appropriate manner.

To allay these fears, the Toombs Inc. consultant and the client created a communication strategy for both immediate contacts and their larger network. They worked on the client’s social media footprint and determined the appropriate timelines for communication.

The client was at a “cross roads” after their notification and instead of instantly focusing on a new direction, the consultant carefully examined each smaller and bigger career “road”, allowing the client to explore and grow into their next opportunity by developing resiliency, optimism and human capital skills.

“Having been downsized four times in my career and assigned to other outplacement agencies, I can attest that there’s no substitute to having full unlimited access to a career coach that you can meet in person and a flexible program that can be customized.”

“It was very helpful to have Toombs support us during our staff reduction. Toombs’ commitment to service is the majority of the reason we made it through the challenging day.”

“I immensely appreciated the help of our Toombs consultant and her team. Things went off without a “glitch,” and our employees felt respected and cared for.”

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Our customized one-to-one career transition programs integrate emotional support, career assessments and coaching, communication and job search strategies, online services, and administrative support.

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