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Onsite Assistance and
Career Transition Service
(3-Month Horizon Program)

OBJECTIVE: Provide onsite notification assistance in a not-for-cause notification of a Branch Manager and deliver a 3-month career transition program.

The Program Included:

  • Identifying skills, knowledge, strength, areas of growth and interests

  • Transferability of experience support and identifying preferred industry and companies

  • Networking strategies to connect with untapped connections

  • Job search strategies and tactics

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Multiple Notifications /
Remote Locations

OBJECTIVE: To support 85 notifications with on-site assistance and career transition services in various locations across Alberta (urban and rural / remote).

Support Included:

  • Notification training

  • Regular touchpoint meetings and unlimited personal HR team support

  • Notification messaging and communication strategy

  • Stakeholder information packages

  • HR Q&A documents

  • Town Hall meeting support

  • Stakeholder counselling

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Packaging Plant Closure

OBJECTIVE: To support a staggered plant closure with 28 notifications.

Support Included:

  • Notification training and meeting support

  • Career transition support for four staff members

  • Career advice and counselling for all employees

  • Stakeholder information packages

  • Management strategies to ensure productivity until final day of plant closure

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Career Transition Service
(4-Month Horizon Program)

OBJECTIVE: Provide 4-month career transition support to a highly-specialized client following a downsizing from an Oil & Gas company.

The Program Included:

  • Developing work search materials and strategies

  • Interview preparation

  • Career path discovery work

  • Entrepreneur education and resources

  • Business planning and marketing strategy development

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“Having been downsized four times in my career and assigned to other outplacement agencies, I can attest that there’s no substitute to having full unlimited access to a career coach that you can meet in person, and a flexible program that can be customized.”

“It was very helpful to have Toombs support us during our staff reduction. Toombs’ commitment to service is the majority of the reason we made it through the challenging day.”

“I immensely appreciated the help of our Toombs consultant and her team. Things went off without a “glitch,” and our employees felt respected and cared for.”

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Our customized one-to-one career transition programs integrate emotional support, career assessments and coaching, communication and job search strategies, online services, and administrative support.

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Toombs Inc. is Western Canada’s leading career transition, career management, and career coaching consultancy with 30 + years’ experience.

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