Agnes Thibeault

Calgary: 403.777.2360

Agnes Thibeault, BSc
Calgary: 403.777.2360

Agnes is a dynamic, enthusiastic consultant who enjoys helping others reach their full potential. Her diverse background includes career management consulting, recruitment, program management and training.

She began her professional life in the career management field at the University of Calgary, where she helped students learn the principles of career search. As team leader of the resident services departments of two long-term care facilities, Agnes applied her human resources background, building teams and managing daily operations.

With over a decade of training experience, she has facilitated workshops on a wide range of topics, including customer service, program management and leadership. In her role as training specialist with the Information and Privacy Office of the Government of Alberta, she delivered the Understanding Privacy Legislation training program province-wide.

Agnes has a BSc in Psychology and certifications in program management and leadership.

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