Perseverance Leads to Success

By Martha Willson, Career Coach

The day that Richard was asked to clean out his desk, turn over his I.D. badge and leave the building, it was the “worst day in (his) life”. He had worked in the same place for over fifteen years and loved what he did. He loved the people he worked with, the routine he followed, the contribution he made. He had no interest in climbing any corporate ladder or expanding his role; he was content. He loved his job.

The shock of suddenly being without this job was overwhelming. The vacancy of time in his schedule was tough to replace and he struggled with creating a new daily routine and didn’t know what to do or where to go. When his career coach reached out to him shortly after his lay-off, she recognized that he needed someone to talk to, and somewhere safe to express all of the emotional aftermath.

The initial conversation was used to focus on and process the change itself. He began to accept what had happened and started to understand why it had impacted him so deeply. He wondered if he had given too much of himself to his job. He recognized that he had been overlooking other parts of his life and remembered activities he had once enjoyed. He started to refer to this time in his life as “the Great Reckoning”.

Richard’s transition back to meaningful work took focus, perseverance and hard work. He was determined to fully engage with his program and stepped into the opportunities offered to him through workshops, exercises and assessments, read everything provided to him and asked for more. He accepted his coach’s suggestions to network with previous colleagues and industry peers. His confidence in his strengths, skills and value grew. He was able to cultivate an understanding and market his “Brand” of his unique skills and how they could be translated into a professional career.

His third job interview led to an offer, at the same time an offer arrived from his second. Because Richard had done the work of identifying what was most important to him in a job, he was able to easily choose.

Congratulations, Richard, way to go!


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