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Full Time Position: Career Coaching/Business Development Role

January 24, 2017 – Calgary, Alberta

The team at Toombs Inc. is looking to fill a career coaching and business development role in the Calgary office. The allocation of work would be roughly evenly split between the two disciplines.

As a career coach, you have the ability to work with our clients at all organizational levels through career transition including assessment, career planning, resume writing, interview preparation, development of marketing strategies, networking, salary negotiation, contracting and preparing for retirement. Workshop facilitation and knowledge of job search software and internet based tools are included in your talents.

As a business developer, you have a proven track record as a client relationship developer in the Calgary marketplace, which has resulted in long-term business partnerships and sales growth. You are familiar with writing proposals, have significant experience in prospecting for potential clients in current and new markets, and are comfortable in taking the necessary steps to grow and retain existing accounts.

This is a full time position based in Calgary, Alberta. To apply, please forward your resume to:





January 27, 2016 – Calgary, Alberta

Toombs Inc., a Calgary-based career transition firm and currently celebrating 25 years in business, is pleased to announce that, effective immediately, it has become a full voting member of Arbora Global Career Partners. Arbora Global is an international organization comprised of member companies that deliver career transition services in North America, and around the world.

This move allows Toombs Inc. to seamlessly and effectively deliver services, via these partnerships, for Canadian companies with operations around the world. With a strong referral network across Canada and a long-term relationship with Lincolnshire International in the United States, Toombs Inc. has now solidified its ability to satisfy customer career transition needs globally.

Toombs Inc., founded in 1990 and with head office in Calgary, Alberta, is primarily a career transition and career management firm, specializing in assisting companies as they strategize and implement downsizing events, large or small. Going strong for over 25 years, the team at Toombs Inc. coaches the former employees after their departure from the organization and helps them, with training and tools, to effectively find a new position or implement a career change.

For more information contact:
Mark Toombs
Toombs Inc.

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