Managing Unexpected Career Upheaval

“I never expected to be in this place.”
–Barbara*, 55 years old

Barbara’s career route had been slow, steady and consistent. From her first entry into corporate life as a young co-op student, she met acceptance, opportunities and open doors. Two summers as a co-op student in an energy company proved her value and led to an offer. For several years, she worked hard. Her roles progressed along with her reputation in the company. When an opportunity developed with an energy leader, she left with a clear conscience and the support of her leaders. They knew her steadfastness, her commitment to doing good, dependable work and her willingness to collaborate would be well-received in her new job. While they’d miss her, they wished her well.

Everything crashed when the industry imploded. Even though, by this time, Barbara held a senior position with several people reporting to her, a team she had hand-picked and mentored to high performance, she was asked to leave. Her team remained.

Barbara was devastated. She questioned everything she had believed: loyalty to a company; commitment to a “job well done”; willingness to meet corporate demands and deadlines; respect for leadership and support for her team. Work search became a search for herself.

This story has a happy ending. The same virtues that proved her worth to her colleagues and management, she acknowledged as being deeply valuable to herself. Circumstances had changed but she hadn’t. Barbara decided to gather together all her experience, training, knowledge and discipline and step out on her own.

Her career transition coach was with her, every step of the way. Three years later, Barbara is flourishing

* We take our clients’ confidentiality seriously. While we’ve changed their names, the results are real.

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