Large Scale Layoffs

Toombs has been the career transition and outplacement partner to a prominent Oil and Gas Co. in Calgary. Our team was called upon to support their employees, HR team and managers through a significant downsizing event.


  • 350 Notifications
  • 3 Days

The Situation

Our client company operates in the energy sector. Following a restructuring, it was consolidating operations with another company. This led to a significant number of redundancies.

The company requested the Toombs team provide tailored outplacement services.

Our Approach

To assist with their downsizing efforts, our team provided notification training and support to the HR team and managers who were releasing employees. We helped managers prepare for potential challenges, mitigate legal risk and manage difficult situations.

By partnering with their HR team, we facilitated 350 layoffs over the span of three days. On notification days, we were on-site to act as resource—fully prepared to immediately help impacted employees begin to think beyond the moment to their next steps.

Outplacement support included:

The Results

We helped the company mitigate risk, take the stress out of notifications and support former employees with valuable career transition services. This enabled them to leave the organization with a more positive outlook than they otherwise would have and also helped them secure new employment. Many employees noted that they appreciated the effort that the organization had put in to support them through this difficult period.

* We take our clients’ confidentiality seriously. While we’ve excluded their names, the results are real.

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