Goodbye 2021 and Hello 2022!

Throughout 2021, as a society and as individuals, we have navigated global issues, adapted to an ongoing health crisis, and learned first-hand how resourceful and resilient we are capable of being. At some level this year, every person has experienced how porous and interconnected the relationship between work life and home life is. Team meetings happen a few minutes from our bedroom. The kitchen sink is steps away from our office and possibly our child’s classroom. Lunch breaks are spent house cleaning and “leaving the office” has felt increasingly hard to define. We have formed new routines, adapted, made changes, and adapted again. We have learned so much about what balance means to us and how to create and protect it.

This year has granted us (or in many cases necessitated we take) time to self-reflect, assess our core values and prioritize what’s important in our lives. For some, this has meant a job or career change (see this report for some fascinating statistics). For others, it has reinforced seeds of gratitude for the job we already hold. Either way, 2021 has highlighted the need to grow and foster our interpersonal skills as we try to be kinder to ourselves and our colleagues. Resilience, stress tolerance, and flexibility are increasingly becoming tactical work skills for our current and future jobs.

Personally speaking, I’ve done some much-needed self-reflection and have found a lot to be thankful for, such as an amazing team of thoughtful coaches, kind and intelligent Toombs staff, and great conversations with HR leaders.

2021 has given us at Toombs Inc. an opportunity to take a closer look at the changing needs of today’s workplace as well as new opportunities for job seekers and transitioning employees.

Over the past few months, we have been busy creating exciting new in-placement programming coming in the new year, re-aligning employees’ personal values and career aspirations with management and corporate values and goals.  We are looking forward to sharing details of this new program with you aimed at re-energizing and re-focusing internal employees’ career growth and success.

As gatherings and in-office days have taken place in small safe ways, I am often reminded that we are social creatures by nature. Although we have seamlessly integrated and embraced our technical skills for online meetings, workshops and departures, we dearly miss our in-person connections and conversations with you, our customers and clients. We appreciate the times we have been able to connect. We appreciate your continued support and shared commitment to employee wellness, dignity and respect during times of uncertainty and change. We believe that our partnership with you makes a difference – especially in today’s world.

So, as we walk, jump, slide or skip into 2022, let us do so with mindful intention, gratitude and a hopeful smile that our world will continue to improve as we work together, and manage ourselves through the challenges ahead. As a leader of a team of truly dedicated career transition coaches and administrators, the silver lining for me in 2021 is knowing that –


…in the toughest times of our lives,
when we feel the most challenged,
that is when we grow the most.


Here is to working and growing together throughout 2022 and beyond.


Rosie and the Toombs Team

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