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Toombs coaches are thought leaders in their field. They are ready to help you move through the shock and see beyond today – igniting your passions and helping you live the life you crave.

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Whether you want to find a similar role, change careers completely, or pursue your entrepreneurial dreams, we pair you with a professional coach and offer ongoing support through the Toombs Online Academy. A perfect pairing to get you where you want to go – faster.

Personalized coaching from industry’s top thought leaders
We believe in a personal approach that puts you at the centre of your own success. Your coach holds you accountable to your goals. One-on-one coaching is key to helping you stand out. We make you aware of your unique skills in the marketplace and help you effectively communicate these advantages to a potential employer, dramatically increasing your opportunity for a successful job search.
Powerful online learning supports to complement one-on-one coaching and maximize results
With the Toombs Online Academy you have access to tutorials, videos, aptitude tests, CV building tools, personal brand materials, webinars and even an interview simulator. Also, through our Academy, you’re able to take advantage of our extensive resources at your own pace, including our six-phase interactive e-Learning courses that support you through every stage of your job search. You’ll be in control of your own success 24/7.

Customize the program to your needs
Our program is a wonderful blend of working with your coach and self-directed learning. Because we understand the enormity of the process and that everyone has their own unique learning style, we have honed our program to meet individual client’s needs. Our program can be 100% coach-led or 100% client-driven. We ensure that you have the opportunity for open communication to co-create the best program for you.

Toombs Outplacement Process for Individuals

No need to go it alone
The world of work is evolving more quickly and unusually than anyone could have predicted. As an employee impacted by global changes, you deserve the very best in career transition services to navigate your job search or career transformation. At Toombs, we connect you with the most seasoned coaches and equip you with the right tools to succeed.

Our Reviews

“My coach was there the day I was laid off.  It was a very traumatic day for me. I had never been laid off or let go from any other job after nearly 40 years in the workforce. I was very angry and upset, and my coach immediately helped ease those feelings. Her kindness, patience and guidance were of great help to me that day, and set the foundation for what developed into a very productive relationship. She played a critical role in helping me discover myself and define my path forward and may be the best active listener I have ever encountered. Thanks again to all your team for the great support you have provided. My engagement with Toombs has been a great experience.”
“Throughout the transition process my coach was supportive, encouraging and focused on my needs as an individual. Thanks to her help in resurrecting a very tired old resume, I quickly landed a new position that is radically different to my old role, one which I probably would never have contemplated.”
“Your positive guidance and support, valuable knowledge, helped me get my confidence back.”
“You were my life raft in the sea between uncertainty and possibility. Your support and advice are so valuable to me, and I appreciate you connecting me with so many smart people.“
“As always you are so resourceful.  I wanted to thank you for all your support during my job search. Your insights and input was so helpful.”
“I couldn’t have done it without you.”
“Thank you for all your encouragement and support!  You have an amazing talent and have helped me discover what I want to do (my dream job!) and the skills to get there. I appreciate the contacts and recommendations you provided.  You are an inspiration!”
“Thank you for sharing your wisdom, guidance and encouragement with me as I navigate this transition.”
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“Thank you for your time today and your advice. So glad to have someone like you helping me through this transition.”
“I am forever grateful for your help over the last few months. I would not have been able to go through this career transition without your knowledge but most important was your support and encouragement you gave me.  You let me chat and share and you listened. Thank you!”
“It was a pleasure to be your client. You were a star during a challenging time.”
“I have had the privilege of working with Toombs during my transition time between careers. My coach provided a phenomenal level of support, connected with me and my situation immediately and helped me build new confidence, skills and networks to establish a new career path. She is a great listener, an excellent coach and a highly skilled professional and everyone who is entrusted in her care has the opportunity to discover their full potential with ease and fun. I am truly grateful for her assistance.”
“It is with a heartfelt thank you and my sincerest gratitude that I write this note. Over the past four months, well beyond the benefit of your incredible expertise, I have equally been the beneficiary of your unwavering reassurance, support and understanding. The opportunity to work with you has been truly invaluable.”
“Are you available for lunch next week? I’d love to celebrate with you - you had a huge impact on how well this year went for me. I really appreciate all your support and help.”
“You have played a monumental role in releasing me from my self-imposed shackle of being a loyal, company focused, worker bee by consistently nudging me to actualize the ‘what if’ in my life.  It has been a liberating experience and I am so grateful to you for being my confidant, my cheerleader, my network, my sounding board, my voice of reason, my teacher but most importantly my friend.  I now know why you love this job so much.  The feeling of accomplishment that I have through your support is a most gratifying experience. It is something I would not feel today without you being an integral part of my journey.  Thank you.”
“I want to thank you for all the help.  I finally have some interviews and offers going my way and I couldn't have done it without you.”
“My coach was instrumental in assisting me with my journey from military career to civilian employment. She provided outstanding support and advice throughout the process, and helped me consolidate my experience, along with my academic qualifications into a comprehensive resume and marketing plan. She coached me through the job search and application process, reviewed cover letters and helped me prepare for interviews. She was a tremendous help to me personally and allowed me to gain a better understanding of the current professional job market. I would strongly recommend the team at Toombs.”
“The excitement and joy you bring to your work is not only refreshing but inspiring.  It’s obvious that what you do, supporting and encouraging others to become their best version of themselves, is not just your job … it’s a passion.”
“Thank you for all your help and guidance, your shoulder, the occasional tissue and the ready supply of coffee. You are fabulous at your job and I'm so glad to have met you.”
“I want to say publicly a very heartfelt thanks to my career coach.  Her solid support, stress-reducing distractions, editorial expertise and professional sense of timing in knowing how and when to ring the bell all served to keep my progress going.  Our regular one-on-one meetings and the weekly roundtables with the JobQuest group are a rich set of fond memories.”
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Fresh Start
5 Ways to Accelerate Your Job Search Over the Holidays
By Cari Frame, Career Coach   As we approach the winter holiday season, it can feel like there are fewer jobs to apply for and even fewer responses from the applications you submit. This is not a coincidence. Organizations have high and low seasons for hiring, here is an approximated breakdown - Sept.1 - Nov.1 and Jan. 7 – March…

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