Cultivating Trust Transforms Careers

Face to face conversations challenge thinking and support growth

At Toombs, we work to empower people to achieve great things – whether that’s in their current field or by opening up pathways to new career ideas. Either way, we believe in helping people looking for a new start to transform their lives.

This process begins by cultivating trust between the individual and career coach. Once this personal connection is established, we move from a transactional approach to a relationship, and that makes all the difference.

Personal, Customized Coaching

One-to-one coaching can’t be duplicated or replaced through the online world. The benefits are deep and cumulative:

  1. The context for the shared environment allows for deeper insight and can develop more direction and opportunity for the job search.
  2. Challenging conversations work better when they are face to face.  We hold our clients accountable to their goals, and sometimes job search requires a hard conversation, for example encouraging an introvert to make personal connections instead of just online applications.
  3. Face-to-face coaching allows our staff to engage in active listening as a modality to discern what is not being said (as well as what is said).
  4. The personalized nature of our coaching is key to helping our clients stand out to hiring managers and recruiters in their job search. When they are aware of their unique skills in the marketplace and effectively communicate them to a potential/future employer, it makes hiring much more efficient and increases the likelihood of success.
  5. Toombs coaches are thought leaders and up to date on contemporary work search strategies. One-to-one coaching allows clients to take advantage of the most current information for the ever-changing job market.

Group Learning

In addition to the one-to-one coaching, we have a variety of group learning opportunities. With a maximum amount of 12 participants per workshop, we can ensure that each client is able to voice their comments and questions.

Workshops that we regularly offer include:

An optional addition to all Toombs clients is for them to be a part of a mastermind or cohort.  For clients who opt to become a part of a cohort the coaches create groups based on professional career levels with five to eight people in each cohort. They share information, stories and communicate weekly on their job search.  We find the cohort creates community and bonds that last long after the client’s job search is over.

Online Learning

While we can’t replace coaching with technology, at Toombs we certainly believe in supplementing the coaching process with the Toombs Online Academy.

Our innovative and technology savvy portal provides instant, convenient access to self-assessment tools, job search apps, interview simulator and more. These resources are designed to support every stage of career transition.  Included in the online job portal are self-assessment tools, a resume builder template, network builder, interview simulator and a robust resource library. All of these resources can be enriched with coaching feedback.

Comprehensive and Complementary Learning

Overall, the career transition program at Toombs has a combination of coach initiated and self-directed learning. Ultimately, we understand the enormity of the job search and have customized and honed our programs over 30 years, which means the program can be 100% coach-led or for other personality types can be 100% client-driven. We ensure that every client has the opportunity to co-create the best program for their job search.

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