Career Transition Support – An HR Capacity Maximizer

By Jill Rehman, Career Coach


Human Resources professionals wear the most hats in any business. From payroll to hiring to counseling and everything in-between, HR professionals are the multi-functional tool of a company.

At Toombs Inc., we provide our HR partners and the individuals in career transition with the tools, resources and coaching needed for success. From pre-notification strategy to personalized career guidance for impacted employees, we bring quality and reliability for every stage of job change. We have over 30 years of outplacement experience assisting internal HR teams through personalized and tested processes.

As well, our professional development coaching and workshops accelerate employee and company performance. By providing these quality services, HR teams are free to focus on supporting all levels of their organizations and moving the business forward.   


“We know that when we call on Toombs, they are there for us.  They have always been responsive to our (sometimes last minute) outplacement needs, and are professional and reliable.  Our notifications always run smoother when we have them with us.”

– HR Leader & Toombs customer


As a career coach, I receive frequent positive feedback from our HR partners which fall into four main categories:

  1. Easing stress. Our aim is to make the jobs of our HR partners easier, and less stressful. We know that transitioning employees is a huge point of stress for organizations. We are here to help HR professionals, relieving the burden before, during and after departure events unfold. Through the departure preparation coaching, we bring calm confidence to all staff involved. Our dedication, discretion and compassionate handling of these situations deliver peace of mind. The result is that our HR partners trust us to minimize disruption in the workplace and take care of their former employees. Ultimately, the outcome of providing career transition support from Toombs is increased opportunity to find better work, sooner, which supports an employee-first corporate culture, supporting talent acquisition strategy.  We know that our HR partners care about their people: we extend that care after notification day.
  1. Reliability. We regularly hear from our HR customers that we can be relied on to show up when they need us, an unparalleled trait in Alberta. At the start of the pandemic, we saw that our HR partners needed a new solution, and quickly shifted to providing virtual departures which maintain our high level of professionalism. We find the solutions, saving you time.
  1. Success for Impacted Employees. We know our HR partners feel confident that their former employees will be set up for success when they receive a Toombs Career Transition package. On notification day, our coaches are trained to check for the wellness and safety of the impacted employee. I often hear that the coaches know the right things to say at the right time. Our team of professional, caring coaches have a solid track record supporting our career transition clients to explore new possibilities, and achieve their goals. Toombs delivers on your organization’s desire to enable past employees to grow and develop further and faster in their careers.

In a 2021 Toombs report, 93% of clients reported they had successfully achieved their career transition goals and objectives.

One client skilled as a Business Manager said this –


“I was grateful to have Toombs coaches.  They gave me a sense of calm when having to deliver tough news to my team.  I felt reassured knowing that [our past employees] will be in good hands.” 


  1. Our people. We hire the best coaches and staff to support both HR and employees in transition, ensuring professionalism and knowledge as well as warmth and understanding. The feedback we have received from our HR professionals is that they not only feel reassured and confident having our assistance, but also enjoy working with our team. You are in good hands with us.


If your organization is seeking support for your workforce during their career and through a transition, reach out to us at Toombs. Find a full list of services here.

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