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We provide customized, people-first, employee-lifecycle solutions

Since 1990

Toombs Inc. has supported thousands of Canadian and International businesses by providing individualized career transition support.

Founded with the belief that people need people – Toombs Inc. has devoted the last 30 years to supporting individuals through their career journeys and helping them attain their personal and professional goals.

Strong advocates and facilitators of noble corporate citizenship, Toombs Inc. focuses on helping all stakeholders to benefit and prosper following a company downsizing or performance management engagement.

Toombs Inc. consultants are the most senior in the industry and have extensive experience across sectors and categories. They foster trust and confidence through the personalized, in-depth connections made with both employees and employers.

At Toombs Inc., we practice what we preach when it comes to company culture and values. We believe in investing in our team to ensure we have a great working environment and that our consultants are primed for success.

Our Success Factors

Our Success Stories

We are dedicated to your career and personal success. Learn more about how we can help you by reading some of our recent success stories.

How we help you

“My Toombs consultant was instrumental in assisting me with my journey from a military career to civilian employment. She coached me through the job search and application process, reviewed cover letters, and helped me prepare for interviews. She was a tremendous help to me personally and allowed me to gain a better understanding of the current professional job market. I would strongly recommend her and the whole team at Toombs for anyone making a career transition.”

“I was downsized, and unfortunately this was not my first package over my 25-year career in the oil patch. I was thrilled when I was assigned to Toombs. Toombs remains unique as they continue to provide one-on-one and in-person career coaching, which I believe is critical to success.”

“I would like to congratulate Toombs for having a great consulting team, and I particularly enjoy the consultant I am working with. I’ve worked with him twice now and have to say he is a great representative for Toombs. He is calm, collected, compassionate, insightful, organized, very professional, and highly astute. Features which are incredibly helpful when handling such delicate situations.”

Meet Our People

Our team is a unified group of human resource professionals committed to making a real difference in people’s lives.

Mark Toombs


“The world needs more compassion and understanding of others.”

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Floyd Bye

General Manager, Edmonton

“Knowing the work we do successfully re-connects people with their careers is very rewarding.”

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Roselyn Himann

General Manager, Calgary

“I define success simply as achieving the goals that you’ve laid out for yourself.”

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Karen Berg

Director, Administrative Operations

“You can’t reach for anything new if your hands are full of yesterday’s baggage.”

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Jeff Thirlwell Goddard

Senior Consultant

“Being present and actively listening makes a real difference.”

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Sonja Henning

Senior Career Consultant and Coach

“I believe we need more listeners to the stories that are being told throughout the world.”

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Clifford Wessel

Senior Consultant

“My passion comes from helping people become a truer expression of who they are and reaching their full potential.”

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Martha Willson

Senior Consultant

“I take pride in connecting people to the resources they need to be successful in work search.”

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Anju Symington

Career Consultant

‘Success is not something that can be defined from one person to the next.”

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Bonnie Tamura

Senior Career Consultant and Coach

“Success is that first step in stretching out of your comfort zone. And then the next step.”

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Jenny Meers

Manager, Administrative Services

“Best advice: everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, then it’s not the end.”

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Elizabeth Wade

Co-ordinator, Career Management Services

“For me, the joy is in knowing people are being helped.”

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Ana Sabo

Ana Sabo

Co-ordinator, Client Services

“I believe real success lies in constant learning and perseverance.”

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Nabanita Biswas

Co-ordinator, Client Services

“Nothing is permanent, make every moment count when you can.”

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Chelsea Martell

Technical & Systems Analyst

“Success is being able to give back whole-heartedly to your community.”

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Diane Burroughes

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Hal O’Gilvie

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Kathleen Johnston

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Maureen Murray

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Steve Morris

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Yvonne Smith

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Over the last 30 years we have supported thousands of organizations in successfully transitioning employees to a better, more fulfilling future

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