5 Ways to Accelerate Your Job Search Over the Holidays

By Cari Frame, Career Coach


As we approach the winter holiday season, it can feel like there are fewer jobs to apply for and even fewer responses from the applications you submit. This is not a coincidence. Organizations have high and low seasons for hiring, here is an approximated breakdown –

Sept.1 – Nov.1 and Jan. 7 – March 15 are the high seasons for hiring

Nov. 2 – Dec.10 and March 16 – June 30 are moderate hiring seasons

Dec. 11 – Jan.6 and July 1 – August 30 are low seasons for hiring


Hiring decision processes tend to speed up and slow down according to the season. So, coming into December, applicants can expect –

If you apply in December, you may not get an update or interview request until January. Even though you may be in a holiday waiting game, here are 5 ways to keep your career search progressing right through a slow hiring time.

  1. Networking

Always the most impactful action you can take for your career, and holiday networking is doubly so. Making time each week to connect with people in your network is the #1 best way to connect to well-targeted opportunities and be top-of-mind for new year’s hiring. Let go of the idea of asking people if they know of any current job postings, and instead invite their input on who they know that you would be a good new connection for. Follow the trail of gingerbread crumbs from current contacts to new contacts to find more job possibilities.

  1. Application Updates

Unless specifically mentioned as a no-no in the job posting, check back with applications for status updates 7 or more days after applying or after posting closes. You would be amazed how often this show of interest and initiative can boost an applicant’s visibility. It is also fantastic for relieving the fear that the position has been filled, when it has only been postponed until the new year.

  1. Skill Building

While there is less to apply for, consider putting time into completing a course or certificate that has been on your professional development list. LinkedIn Learning can be a great place to explore, they have many excellent course offerings.

  1. Friend and Family

Here is an ironic truth – the people you feel most comfortable with and who care about you more than anyone else, also happen to be the group that knows the LEAST about your career. Your friends and family would move mountains for you, but they struggle to support your career transition because they only have a foggy understanding of the type of work you are looking for. Share your ideal job description with them, give them as much detail as they need to discover whether they have any valuable connections for you. You might be AMAZED to find out who your inner circle is connected to. It can also be deeply beneficial to your mindset to receive support from your loved ones. You are not burdening them; you are inviting them to support you.

  1. Events

As a person looking for work, you may think you will have no holiday work events to attend but this does not have to be the case. Sure, you may not be at the (often) over-stuffed company party, but there are many other options for connecting with your peers socially. When in doubt, bring a friend along!

Here is a few ideas


A slow-down in job postings can create fear and stress, while connecting to people has the power to relieve both these feelings. Bring care to yourself over the holidays. Invite people in and share with them the vision of the work you hope to find. Talk about what you love to do, learn about what they love, and you never know all the good those moments of connections can do. Who knows, your offer of a visit could be exactly the holiday kindness someone else needs as well.


At Toombs Inc., we empower clients to explore job search strategies, networking, and forge meaningful connections on their own. We equip individuals with the necessary tools, resources, and strategies to navigate the career landscape effectively. By fostering a proactive approach, we enable clients to build their professional network and seize new opportunities in their chosen fields.

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