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At Toombs we’re more than your average transactional outplacement firm. We build relationships. We partner with organizations, easing the stress on internal HR teams through intentionally personal, discreet and tested processes. Guided by our team of expert coaches, transitioning employees are keen to participate and excel.

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Feel confident our experts will guide your employees to new opportunities faster, leaving you with peace of mind and more time and money to move your business forward.
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Get instant access to professional coaches and our online career academy. We provide you with the perfect mix of human touch and high tech resources to help you find your new beginning.

Toombs Online Academy

COVID-19 has transformed the way we work and accelerated change in many industries across Alberta and the world. We help your employees navigate these disruptive times with the combined power of technology and personalized coaching through our online academy.

Our academy is a cohesive and elegant single platform solution that seamlessly provides resources to support the work transitioning employees do with our seasoned coaches.

Through this perfect blend of resources, Toombs consistently delivers participant-focused experiences that get results.
“Our team knows the big transitions in life are tough and take an emotional, mental, physical and financial toll. Our understanding of job change and career transition goes deep. We want to share our learning with people who are undergoing these changes.”

- Mark Toombs
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  • Thank you so much to you and the team for everything. Things went very smoothly and, as always, the team was professional and courteous making our employees feel as comfortable as possible during a difficult situation.
  • It was very helpful to have Toombs support us during our staff reduction. Toombs’ commitment to service is the main reason we made it through the challenging day.
  • Your team showed great sensitivity to the feelings of all those involved and worked harder than any of us to ensure we had a smooth transition for our departing employees. Thank you for making a difficult day, less difficult.
  • Throughout the transition process my coach was supportive, encouraging and focused on my needs as an individual. Thanks to her help in resurrecting a very tired old resume, I quickly landed a new position that is radically different to my old role, one which I probably would never have contemplated.
At Toombs, we’re proud of our intelligent outplacement processes. Processes perfected over our 30 years supporting Albertans and Canadians as they transition to new beginnings. In recognition of our 30th Anniversary in 2020, we’re thrilled to launch the Toombs blog, Transform. Here we’ll deliver thought-provoking concepts, time-saving techniques, and job-search tips – all in an effort to support businesses, HR professionals and employees looking for a fresh start.
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5 Ways to Accelerate Your Job Search Over the Holidays

By Cari Frame, Career Coach   As we approach […]

Top 5 Work Search Resilience Tips

By Martha Willson, Career Coach   In my experience […]

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